CAST Initiative Report The efforts of the CAST coalition, further supported by many e-mails from people like us, got the attention of Minister Hunter Tootoo and staff.  A meeting was quickly arranged back in New Brunswick and a deal was struck to allow the collection this spring  of 5000 smolts from the NW Miramichi.  The plan is to grow these smolts to adult size and release them into the NW Miramichi two years from, …Read More →

Fishing Friends – a coalition of fishery scientists, concerned individuals and organizations in New Brunswick called CAST – Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow – that includes members of the Irving family, the Miramichi Salmon Association, Cook Aquaculture and the University of New Brunswick has come up with a concept to capture annually a relatively small number of outward migrating Atlantic salmon smolts from the Miramichi and grow these up in the MSA hatchery until they, …Read More →