160 Years of Salmon Stories by Morris Green Raffle


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160 Years of Salmon Stories is the definitive work on the history of persons associated with the Miramichi salmon fishery.  The book contains photos and a biographical piece on every person inducted into the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown up through 2014 when the book was printed.  The author, Morris Green, is the foremost authority on the history of salmon fishing along the Miramichi.

160 Year of Salmon Stories is a 375 page, 10 x 12 x 1 1/2 inch thick, hard-covered book, printed on fine stock, and with a beautiful dust jacket.  It is truly a must have for anyone serious about the history of the Miramichi River salmon fishery.

I found this book a very valuable reference in writing On the Cains.  It is also just plain a lot of fun to read.  Brad Burns

Donated by the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown and Morris Green

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