Closing the Season at Country Haven Lodge

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Donated by Byron and Heather Coughlin

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When it comes to fall fishing on the Cains River – the Miramichi’s storied fall tributary famous for its large salmon – no outfitter today has comparable access to private water in the lower 20 miles of the river.  This is where many of the most famous pools such as Brophy, Moore’s and Doctor’s Island Muzzerol Pool are located.  Additionally, Country Haven’s guide team includes men like Gary Colford and Darryl Tucker with experience on the Cains dating back to the 1960s.

Of the entire season the three days that without any doubt I would most hate to miss are the last three.  Given anything close to decent conditions there are fish holding in all the good pools and new fish are still coming every day.  These fish are edgy with spawning time being only a couple of weeks away, and they will aggressively take large, colorful streamers.  The aesthetics are there too.  Days are short and cool, there is a sense of urgency in the air, and the forests and river shoreline are a hybrid of brilliantly colored fall leaves and the somber beauty of dried grass and gray skies.

Country Haven’s owner, Byron “Byzie” Coughlan, will host two lucky anglers for three days of guided fishing – October 13, 14, 15th 2020 – and will provide all meals and lodging at their Canada Select four-star lodge on the banks of the Miramichi in Blackville.  The only thing you’ll need is your license and a tip – which I predict you’ll gladly provide.  If you win this trip you will truly be Closing the Season on the Cains River.  In Canadian salmon fishing it doesn’t get any better than that!


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