RAFFLE 43 Flies and Wheatley Box from Rudy Ciecko


Donated by Rudy and Iris Ciecko

Coming Soon!



We are raffling off forty three beautifully hand tied salmon flies: bugs, butterflies, wets, and streamers in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8’s hand tied by Rudy Ciecko.  Included is a Wheatley aluminum clip box with a few vacant clips to add your old favorites.  These flies are guaranteed by Rudy to put you in the thirty plus lb club !!!!!!

Here’s Rudy’s salmon fishing bio:

Rudy Ciecko

Rudy started fishing for salmon and trout in Maine back in the eighties and thanks to his grandfather he’s been tying since he was a boy.  He donated for years to the Miramichi and Margaree Salmon association dinners, events and the museums. He had donated in the past by giving flies to Andrew Dumaine to donate in the name of the Yankee Renous club or  “A friend of the river .” He fished out of a camp at the mouth of the Cains, owned by Jim Leonard until it was burnt down, fished the Restigouche, snuck into the Brophys on the Cains years ago by Ivan Vickers, several rivers on the Gaspe , the little Southwest, and was invited to fish the Renous by a friend of Andrew Dumaine’s.  Rudy has also fished at the Blackbrook Salmon club,  Bullocks, the Ledges, Ted William’s White Birch Lodge, Brad Burns camps at Campbell’s Pool and Doctor’s Island, and for over 30 years on the Margaree.  At one time  Rudy fished with his friends, but for the past twenty he goes to camp with his wife Iris, who loves the Margaree especially because when salmon fishing there she can sleep past 5 am which is when Rudy gets her up in every other camp.

Rudy ties flies on a daily basis; he calls it his happy place.  Where else can he daydream ?

We are selling just 75 tickets at $5 each. After the end of the auction or the sale of 75 tickets – whichever comes first – we will pick the winner by random electronic selection. It will then be shipped to you at no charge.

All raffle tickets must be purchased by pay pal or credit card, not checks.