Raffle Orvis Mirage Size IV Midnight Black, Reel


The reel is donated by The Orvis Company.  They have been donating to the Miramichi Salmon Association for longer than anyone can remember.

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This  raffle is for an Orvis Mirage IV reel, the perfect size for most Atlantic salmon fishing applications. The IV is suggested for line weights of 7-9, and with an 8 line its 4 1/4  large diameter design holds 200 yards of 20-pound-test Dacron backing, or an even larger amount of 30 pound Spectra.

The Orvis Mirage reel is designed and manufactured in New England, and is one fantastic piece of fishing equipment.  It is recommended by 100% of the reviewers on the Orvis website.  I personally have fished with two of these reels for many years and have been completely satisfied with all aspects of the reel’s performance – and this Orvis Mirage is the updated design!

Here is the deal.  Raffle tickets are $10 each, and our auction software is set to limit sales to 125 tickets.  Very few raffles have such good odds, and it is all for the salmon anyway!   After the end of the auction or the sale of 125 tickets – whichever comes first – we will pick the winner by random electronic selection.  It will then be shipped to you at no charge.

All raffle tickets must be purchased by pay pal or credit card, not checks.