Here’s how things look right now up on the Miramichi.  This is where we would normally enter in to the camp.  That drift is 5 feet deep.  You can see the river in the left background.  Other than being flat you can’t tell it from the other snow covered fields.  Everyone is now hoping that spring will be fairly dry and gradual or we will have a terrible runoff in early April.  I’ve got, …Read More →

I really envy the Scots their long salmon season.  In a great many of their “springer” rivers fresh salmon arrive during every month of the year.  Sea-liced, chrome salmon slide in during December and are caught in early February with slight tinges of pink on their sides from sitting under the ice in a holding pool for 60 days.  On the Miramichi we can only dream about a bright fish before sometime in late, …Read More →