Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Report




Friday I drove from Blackville to Sydney, NS, and took the overnight ferry to Newfoundland to fish the Humber and Serpentine Rivers.  I fished at Doctors Island on the Miramichi before I left.   I neither caught nor saw a fish.  Except in some of the cold water pools nothing is going to happen until we get rain and cooler temps.  The forecast for the next 6 days is not good.  In fact Monday and Tuesday now look like they will be downright hot.

If you are interested in the CAST program there is a good debate going on Salmon Anglers of New Brunswick Facebook at this link.https://m.facebook.com/groups/393416544103732?view=permalink&id=2169617316483637&comment_id=2169804353131600&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1565905919190939&ref=bookmarks

For the first time in 5 weeks I am on the Miramichi myself.  We have very poor conditions in that August is statistically the slowest part of the season, the skies are almost cloudless, and the river is low with no real rain in sight.  Daily lows  have been very cool and the river temp

The threat of heat to the salmon has passed by, and I heard no reports of dead fish.  What we have heard, though, is reports of poaching – people netting the pools at night.  Here are the phone numbers to call to report illegal activity to the DFO and/or to Crime Stoppers.

Renous 506-622-5992

To contact Crime Stoppers:


Increased grilse numbers are the word for this season. Jason Curtis caught and released this beauty on the Southwest Miramichi in Blackville.

Jason Curtis with a perfect, wedge-shaped early summer Miramichi salmon.

Pete Howell with Campbell’s Pool’s first salmon of 2019. Caught on 6/24, Jason Curtis guiding.








Andrew Clarke of the Ledges releases what is probably the first salmon from the SW Miramichi On May 30.













WATER LEVELS AND TEMP:  Note Degrees in F = 1.8C + 32

Water temps the last few days have featured cool mornings and hot afternoons.  Actually Friday afternoon at 23C/73F was the coolest afternoon in awhile.  Unfortunately the next 5 or 6 days will be too warm for good salmon fishing.


The fishing is now with small summer flies starting with a #8 and going down from there to as small as you have.  A wide variety of patterns will catch including green machines, standard black salmon flies like the Black Bear Breen Butt and Same Thing Murray.  It will also be prime time for bombers.  In the words of legendary Miramichi guide Gary Colford, “Just keep changing colors and sizes until you find what they like.”  Folks at Doaks and Curtis fly shops will know which ones are working best.

There is great debate – and always will be – about tippet size.  I like to end my tapered leaders with 6 pound maxima in low water conditions.  I think the small flies present a lot better.  If you are careful with knots,  replace the tippet at any sign of a nick, and retie it to the thicker line every few hours of fishing you will not break off fish.

Keep an eye out now for a heavy rain and good raise of water.  If we get that the entire game changes.  Fresh fish will enter the river, the ones in the river will move to new locations, and we will be moving up considerably in fly size.