Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Report



Pete Howell with Campbell’s Pool’s first salmon of 2019. Caught on 6/24, Jason Curtis guiding.



Andrew Clarke of the Ledges releases what is probably the first salmon from the SW Miramichi On May 31.













I have one guest fishing with me, and we landed a salmon two days ago and a grilse yesterday.  Last evening we rolled a couple of fish.  It is not fast action, but the run appears to be picking up steam.  There seem to be more grilse and less salmon so far this year.  The  forecast is good with relatively cool overcast weather for the next week.

Restigouche/Matapedia area are having a great season.  Because of this I’m hoping for things to take off shortly.  The Miramichi is always a somewhat later river but with a much stronger fall run.  .

The MSA has come out with a new weekly video update on the Miramichi that is quite good.  Here is a link to their website. https://miramichisalmon.ca/  Scroll down and you will find the report.  The MSA is the organization to belong to if you care about Miramichi salmon.  Become a member while visiting the site.

WATER LEVELS AND TEMP:  Note Degrees in F = 1.8C

Water in Blackville is now at .8 meters and is falling.  The curve is flattening as we are approaching normal summer fishing levels.  The water temperature this morning at 3:00 AM – so it has gotten lower – is 19C/66F which is good after an overcast night.  Lower than normal highs and higher than normal lows will happen for the next week.


The time is right for early summer flies like the Silver Rat, Same Thing Murray, Green Highlander etc. as well as the ever-effective Green Machine in sizes like #6, 8.   Floating lines are just fine, and so are summer weight tippets of 8 or 10 pound test.  It would very possible to catch one on a dry fly too if you could find one holding in a suitable situation.  The problem is that so far in the lower river the fish are just moving through and not holding.