Miramichi Salmon Report

DATE OF THIS REPORT IS: April 19, 2017.



In my last entry for 2017, in November, I moaned about the early coming of winter.  Well it did come early, and it is leaving late.  The season so far is being greatly depressed by the amount of snow still on the ground and the fact that the river is only about half unfrozen.  None-the-less, for those who cannot get out some fish are being caught.  Byron Coughlin of Country Haven had some good pictures of fish they had caught already.

I canceled my trip for this week because we couldn’t get the water pipes from the well into the camp unfrozen, because there is literally no shore to land a canoe, I couldn’t get down the driveway at my camp anyway.  I’m headed up the middle of next week, and hopefully it will be all okay.














WATER LEVELS AND TEMP:  Note Degrees in F = 1.8C + 32

The temperature gauge isn’t in yet, but I can assure you that it is COLD.  The level on the Blackville Gauge is about 2.2 meters which is definitely on the very low side for the first week of the season.  The reason is that instead of mild temperatures and rain, New Brunswick has had cold temperatures and snow or ice.  That has slowly been changing, and is supposed to become much warmer and nicer next week, though really just around normal.  The river is only partially unfrozen.




The season is open!