Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Report



The 2018 season is now another page in the record books.  We netted no fish today, but did raise and hook one 21 miles up the Cains.  We also got a really lovely 16” sea run Brooke.  Yesterday we had two nice salmon on the Cains.

Water was cold at 46F this morning.  Jason Curtis ran the jet back down to Blackville this afternoon and spoke with several camps along the way.   Everyone on the Cains was catching a small number of sea liced fish.  It looks like the many fish holding in the lower Cains ran up into the headwaters for spawning on this late, bigvraise..  Perhaps that is good.   We did also fish the main river in Blackville the day before and saw nothing.  We heard things were better upriver after the recent raise of water.

Look for a more complete blog report on the season’s end later in the week.

Thanks for following these updates.  Brad


The Millerton numbers for 9/30 were finally posted today and they were quite good in the Southwest branch at 421 up from 322 last year.  We.know that the numbers so far in October have been quite high and we can expect that the salmon numbers for 2018 will be within historical averages.  Grilse, though, will be way off.  Why is the big, unanswered question.

WATER LEVELS AND TEMP:  Note Degrees in F = 1.8C

Water is cold now at about 8C/47F.   The temp website is broken down again, but our estimate is quite accurate.  Water height is 1.4 on the Blackville gauge, a little high, but excellent on Cains .


This is definitely the time for big streamers and some will use sink tip lines.  Quite a debate exists as to the effectiveness of sink tips, and I believe that at times in cold, late season conditions they can make a big difference.  I’ve seen it happen.  Recent salmon were hooked on medium density sink tips and #2 October Killer flies.