Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Report

Guide Willy Bacso holds a 30-pound cock salmon from October of 2007


CURRENT WATER LEVELS AND TEMP:    Water Level gauge is broken but below 2 meters and falling, normal  Temp.  unknown, but cold

Note Degrees in F = 1.8C + 32, Water height is in meters at gauge in Blackville.  Up to .7M considered low, .71M to .99M medium, 1M plus high.

1 (506) 857-6328
I hope that everyone will write this number down and enter it in their phone address book.
A DFO enforcement officer has assured me that this number can be called at any time to report illegal fishing activity, and action will be taken.

Crossing the border to Canada Getting across is not difficult at this time.  You have to have your ArrivCan app filled out.  I did this on my phone, and I am no technical wizard.  Just stick to it; it can be done easily enough.  The phone is good because the Application uses the phones camera to photo key information on your passport.  It takes this information along with what you key in for entry dates etc and the border agent will already have that when you arrive at the border and present your passport.  It works quite well.  Coming back into the US was a total piece of cake.  


Fly sizes of 2, 4 should do it.  There is a feeling that kelts will take about anything, but they do have their favorites.  Bright streamers such as Mickey Finns and Marabou patterns like the Popsicle work well.  There will be some trout fish from now on for at least a month.  This can be done along the shores of the river with smaller streamers, wet flies, and especially green machines which they seem to really like.  When the water warms a bit the trout will start surface feeding on insects, and dry flies like small bombers work very well.  


5/10/22 The water is very cold,  but will be starting to warm more this week.  It has been a good if not stellar spring kelt season on the Miramichi with a good mix of both large salmon and grilse present all the way from Boiestown to the mouth of the river.  Fishing reports coming in are still good on salmon, and there have been a fair number of sea run brook trout mixed in.  It is a shame that these large sea run brookies aren’t better protected.


8 Comments on “Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Report

  1. Water water, maybe too much water but good to see bright silver summer fish running the Miramichi system, Brad.
    TLs Henry.

  2. Hi Brad
    Been fishing the Miramachi since I was 10
    With George Curtis of Blackbille who unfortunately passed
    Last year. He was the greatest fly caster I have ever known and one heck of a salmon fisherman. We used to hang with Ted Williams at his camp. Anyway, do they require a vaccination card to enter Canada? I read your posts regularly and was lucky to visit the fall before COVID hit. There weren’t many fish and I didn’t see any anglers but managed to hook a fish every day~
    Thanks for keeping us all informed on what’s happening up on the great Miramachi. Aloha fro
    Kauai! Rob Arita

    • Aloha… Rob, hopefully you’ll get up there this fall and have a great trip. I knew George, a very personable guy. Ted Williams camp is now owned by a gentlemen from Texas, and they do lease it to sports. Best fishes. Brad Burns

  3. 3 fish caught during a hurricane if anyone’s ever wondered whether its worth trying!

    • Great e-mail. There is an old saying about fishing in the rain, that the fish don’t mind, they are already wet. It is true enough. I’ve had great fishing in rain so heavy you couldn’t see more than halfway across the river. It only lasts so long, though. Once the river really starts to rise the fish just have moving on their minds, and they will bump and roll at the fly, but seldom really take it. My experience.

  4. A member of the Miramichi-Renous Club (about 1 mile above Quarryville Bridge) reported fresh fish coming in from tidewater to the Home Pool at 8PM last night (14th) so hope river continues to drop for you. Maine is supposed to get hammered with thunderstorms this evening.

    • Thanks Andy. We saw a lot of salmon in Blackville this afternoon. We rolled three but had no hookups. Hopefully this is the start of good things.

  5. I’ve caught large landlocked salmon (~30″) in upstate NY on a 5 weight with an OPST setup, which kind of steak up the rod, but it wasn’t really effective.

    If you’re fishing for sea-run salmon, get like a 7-8 weight.

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