Fishing Friends – On Jan 13 I wrote a letter to two Canadian ministers complaining about DFO’s failure to effectively manage the Miramichi’s salmon population. Many of you did the same.  Most specifically my letter faulted them for not controlling the outrageous growth in the overly protected striped bass population, and failing to follow its federal mandates by not working with citizens and First Nations people to protect the salmon fishery.    On March 2nd, …Read More →

  Fishing Friends Bright salmon begin entering some rivers on the north and east coasts of Scotland during December and January.  Historically, as some of the older ghillies have told me, when the season opened in January the pools on the middle beats of the River Dee already held a number of salmon which had started to develop slight color in their sides, indicating that they had been there for a while.  These fish, …Read More →