The South West Miramichi  The August 15 Millerton and Cassillis trap numbers for the SW and NW branches of the Miramichi were recently posted, so I’ve written up a little discussion regarding them.   Let’s go right to the information that I think most people will find the most interesting.  Inserted below is a graphic showing the Millerton trap counts, first for salmon, and then for grilse.  The bar graphs from the DFO website show, …Read More →

This year’s weather has been the most upside down of any for many years.  We started out June with two bonafide heat waves.  It didn’t rain either, and it looked like we were in for another low, hot year like 2020.  July, though, was one of the coldest in the last century – truly – and we had lots of rain, especially over the Cains River valley.  The NW Miramichi did not fare as, …Read More →

Fishing for Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi in 2021 continues to be good.  Fishing reports from up and down the river are uniformly upbeat. Eddie Colford of the Black Brook Salmon Club said that fishing there had been good all year.  They had a party in recently, and Eddie said they hooked 15 in one day and rolled fish all day long.  One they landed weighed 20 pounds. Wayne O’Donnell of Rocky Brook said, …Read More →