Very warm conditions – not an outright heat wave, but a prolonged period of high humidity and temps in the high 20C range cooling only to mid to high teens at night – have prevailed for the last 10 days over the Miramichi region.  The closure of cold water holding pools took place and fishing was restricted to mornings.  Throughout the period water as cool as 72F or 22C has been hard to find,, …Read More →

Just back from 6 days on the Miramichi.  All is well with the  run, and according to the MSA – find the link on my home page and join if you aren’t a member – the trap numbers continue seasonally good.  I also read on the ASF – link in the same place and also very worthwhile – site someone comparing it to 2011…   Well, I don’t know about that just yet.  The grilse, …Read More →

If you accept that the Miramichi season begins on June 1 and ends on October 15, and that is fair enough even though the first two weeks of June are sparser than their October counterparts, we are right now at the midway point in the season.  Yesterday I checked the July 31 trap number updates for both Millerton and Cassillis – two posts back I explained how this counting system works.  The report was, …Read More →