What has been a good run of June fish that are difficult to catch seems to be continuing on the Miramichi.  Before I began fishing last Thursday morning the 23rd I was standing by the bench talking to Jason Curtis. We were carefully watching the pool.  In the space of a minute or two I saw several fish roll on lies where fish are likely to take a fly.  The level of activity was, …Read More →

The end of last week and the weekend on the Miramichi was disappointing for us after seeing and hooking a number of fish the previous trip.    The water was a great height but the days were clear and sunny.  The best we could muster was to roll three salmon while in camp.  Temps started with a very cool morning on Thursday at 4C (F=1.8C + 32) but on Sunday reached the mid 80s.  The heat will, …Read More →

  Bright June Salmon are in the River! As we stepped out of the canoes on Saturday evening Jason Curtis said, “Well we didn’t get any, but for June 11 you sure have to be encouraged with the amount of fish we had holding in the pool.” We drove up in the rain on Thursday afternoon and fished Friday morning in a high, dirty river. It was dropping, though, and by the evening we, …Read More →