On October 15th the remainder of the Miramichi River system closed to fishing for the year – the headwaters closed on September 30.  There are bodies of water like the Bartibog and Tabusintac that are open until October 30th, but everything on both branches of the Miramichi system is now closed.  It was for all Americans, as my fishing friend Ralph Vitale said, the season that never was.  But even though we couldn’t witness, …Read More →

Two fishing friends e-mailed me in the last couple of days, and each said the same thing.  Here’s one quote from Byron Coughlin at Country Haven: “Brad, there are so many big salmon from Black Brook to Quarryville now that in a way I don’t like to tell you since you can’t come up, but I know you will be happy that there are lots of fish in the river.  Kenny said tonight that, …Read More →