Fishing Friends An old friend of mine, 2nd generation master Maine guide and a very talented Yankee character, Michael Jones, has a new venture called Fly Line Podcast – Maine Fishing Guides and Luminaries.  I knew the first generation too, Michael’s father Dean, we worked together 50 years ago.  This is a labor of love for Michael.  He says that he is doing this podcast to build a legacy about Maine fishing that he, …Read More →

Fishing Friends:  For 20 years I’ve felt as if the MSA US dinner, historically held the first weekend in February, was the turning point in the winter.  The young turkeys living around our place in Maine were sort of unisex until recently, but now a good number of them have emerged as males and are in full strut every morning.  There are some big open patches on the south facing hills in the field,, …Read More →

  Fishing Friends – we had a Miramichi Salmon Association executive committee meeting yesterday, 2/1/23 from Fredericton and by Zoom.  We received good news on the condition of the eggs in the MSA hatchery, and while not a final count, it is anticipated that in June of 2023 approximately 500,000 fry will be stocked in the headwaters of the SWMiramichi, the Cains River and the Dungarvon River.  The MSA is conducting a multi-year experiment, …Read More →