In 1999 a very interesting and informative article was written for the Atlantic Salmon Journal entitled The Case for Releasing Grilse by Atkinson and Moore.  These men were DFO scientists who did a lot of work with the Miramichi’s Atlantic salmon by reading the growth rings on the scales of 11,500 salmon sampled between 1994 and 1998.  Nathan Wilbur of the ASF recently brought this information to my attention because of the ongoing debate, …Read More →

I came back Friday from three days on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers fishing for spring salmon.  I always love this experience, even though….and this year the even-thoughs constitute a fair list.  Even though the highest temperature for the period was 43F during rain on the last day of fishing, even though it snowed two out of three days – it rained the other, even though it was well below freezing every night and, …Read More →

Late on Easter Sunday Jason Curtis sent me the link to a drone video by Ashley Hallihan.  Frankly I’ve never seen anything quite like it taken on the Miramichi.  The video begins with Jason’s Sharpe canoe moored in the confluence of the Cains and Miramichi Rivers.  After a lovely panning of the area that shows some views that few people have ever had the pleasure of witnessing from the air, the canoe heads up the, …Read More →

  In my last blog on 3/31 I noted that the river was at a recent low of 1.5 meters, and that the first sign of ice out would be rising water.  That day the river began to slowly rise with warmer temperatures and rain.  On 4/3 Jason Curtis sent me an e-mail with a picture of tiny spot of open water at the mouth of McKenzie Brook across from his home in Blackville. , …Read More →