The Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Season Begins!

Late on Easter Sunday Jason Curtis sent me the link to a drone video by Ashley Hallihan.  Frankly I’ve never seen anything quite like it taken on the Miramichi.  The video begins with Jason’s Sharpe canoe moored in the confluence of the Cains and Miramichi Rivers.  After a lovely panning of the area that shows some views that few people have ever had the pleasure of witnessing from the air, the canoe heads up the Cains River.

A little while into the video the canoe passes through the Admiral Pool leaving the camps of A. D. Merrill, then Wades Fishing Lodge, and now Black Brook Salmon Club on the left.  A short while later the canoe passes by camps on the right side that border the Teedlan Pool, once owned by Ted Williams who reportedly deepened it with the help of a bull dozer -once common practice.

No more than a half mile above Teedlan we come to the Brophy Pool, and Jason stopped the canoe there while Ashley panned the area.

The next stop was a mile or so further up where Ashley was playing a large salmon that was eventually netted.  You can see Jason unhooking and releasing the 40″ salmon.

Here is the LINK.  For those of us devoted to salmo salar, and particularly loving the Miramichi watershed this is a great treat.  Brad


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  1. Greetings from Ontario Brad, certainly enjoyed seeing your unique “filming” of Cains via Drone as well as the Easter Sunday stills, always so nice to see the rivers and the Atlantics in great shape! Keep the information flowing, Thanks, WPF w

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