I’ve always love the last days of summer on the Miramichi, and even though it is normally the low point of the season’s fishing, I have a hard time staying away.  During the last couple of weeks there were a few heavy downpours from thunderstorms; one day the headwaters of the Cains got 10mm or about 4/10ths of an inch rain.  Unfortunately none of these storms were prolonged or wide spread enough to bring, …Read More →

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has updated the fish counts in the trapnets used to estimate the salmon run into the Miramichi River as of 8/15/2017.  The numbers are poor, but given the wretched conditions of the summer I’m frankly a little surprised that they aren’t worse. Note that the numbers below are the trap catches and only represent a small percentage of the actual number of fish in the run. Similarly the, …Read More →

Fishing Friends – the July 31 numbers are posted for the New Brunswick counting stations on the Miramichi.  There were 172 salmon caught, tagged, and released from the Millerton fish trap on the Main Southwest Miramichi.  This compares to 397 in 2016, 340 in 2015, and 153 in 2014.  I shouldn’t really include 2014, though, because Hurricane Arthur washed the net out in that year, and the records missed two weeks of the river’s, …Read More →