Guide Jason Curtis With A Beautiful Miramichi Grilse Completing An Aesthetically Perfect Scene I got back on Sunday from a  week of fishing on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers.  The Cains River season is just starting, in fact we may have caught the first fish on the Cains for the year. When I arrived on Sunday a heat wave had just ended and in it had rained, and then it rained even more that evening. , …Read More →

The NB government maintains fish traps in the estuaries of both branches of the Miramichi.  Perhaps the best known one is Millerton, a few miles below the famous tidal pool at Quarryville on the Main SW Miramichi branch.  The govt counts and fish from the traps and tags them.  These fish are later captured further up in the rivers and the percentage of tagged to untagged fish is placed in a formula to calculate the size, …Read More →

I’ve just spent 4 ½ days at Campbell’s.  Three rods landed 6 fish, so nothing to brag about, but not a skunking either.  I’ve added a few pictures to the post including one of me holding a nice chromer of about 18 pounds.  The rest of our landed fish were grilse.  It is certainly good news to see a strong grilse run in progress, and we do have one.  Not that there aren’t some, …Read More →