Fishing Friends – Recently the New Brunswick Department of Fisheries and Oceans published the July 15th fish trap numbers for the Millerton trap on the Southwest Miramichi, as well as the counts for a number of other locations in the Province.  As a general statement the numbers were quite positive.  The Northwest Miramichi was the only notable exception to trend.  Larger salmon – as opposed to grilse – numbers were up marginally on the, …Read More →

Fishing Friends – The early season in review – I’m back from nearly a month in my camp at Campbell’s Pool in Blackville – the joys of retirement…  In summary the run of salmon through the first few days of July on the Miramichi – the early run – felt more substantial than recent years, but the fish weren’t any easier to catch.  In June we had the seemingly wonderful scenario of a moderate, …Read More →