MSA US Winter Online Auction Hits the One Week Mark

Fishing Friends – here’s a report on the MSA US online auction.  We’ve never had a better auction selection than this year, but there are 18 excellent items that have yet to achieve even the minimum bid.  Let’s take a look at each of them.

Camp on Doctor’s Island

2 nights for 2 on Doctor’s Island  – Only a couple of hundred feet from the mainland shore, Doctor’s Island is the stuff of legends.  Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio reportedly made love in one of the rustic cabins – so can you…

2 8-weight Sci Anglers fly lines – these are Sci Anglers top end lines, and they are priced at just above wholesale.  One is floating and the other sinking.  Be ready for summer or fall 2024 with new lines.

79 Vintage salmon flies in a Wheatley alloy clip box – as Hoagy Carmichael was clearing off his table at a fly fishing show this past summer, he picked up this box and handed it to Peter Castagneti and said, give these to the MSA.  The opening bid is just $100 and the flies all look new!

Michael’s drift boat

Michael Jones driftboat trip for smallmouths – if we were talking about a rock concert, you’d be going to see Elvis… Michael is certainly a contender for the king of driftboat guides in Maine.

Ashley Hallihan’s Green Machines – over the last 20+ years or so I have learned that no green machines compare to these ultra-slim trimmed beauties from Ashley.  When Miramichi guide Jason Curtis rolls a reluctant salmon, this is the fly that he puts on to get the game going.

Big Salmon on the Cains by Luther Hall

Big Salmon on the Cains – it can be a little tough to sell high-end art on the internet, and I was a little reluctant to offer this painting for that reason.   In my ads for the auction, though, this got so many hot likes and loves from Facebook users that I offered it anyway.  Our opening bid is just $600, framed and delivered to you.  There will be no buyer’s premium, no sales tax etc.

Fishing with Ambassador Vickers! – with all the Irish history in NB and the NE USA, this has to sell soon.  Who wouldn’t want a day on the Cains with these distinguished gentlemen?

Cheeky Fly Reel or Van Stahl – two great reels at more or less wholesale prices to start with.  Both are state-of-the-art, light, reels sized to handle Miramichi salmon, big sea-run brookies or striped bass.

Andy’s duck camp on the Great Marsh – very cool.

Duck Hunting – we’ve had this trip for years, and it’s always gone well.  MSA US past president Andy Dumaine has a grandfathered blind/house/camp built on stilts out on the Great Marsh in back of Plum Island in MA.  This is a unique trip.  If you like coastal duck hunting don’t pass it up.

Iris Ciecko’s photo – Iris has won the MSA photo contest most of the years it has been in existence.  This is another great one.

Excellent used Sage Graphite II fly rod – it isn’t new, but it looks like it.  For $150 you get an excellent spare fly rod or one to give to a grandson to get him started.

Fishpond submersible duffle – this is the top end of completely waterproof duffle bags, and bidding starts

Monster, high-end, waterproof duffle by Fishpond.

at about 1/3 off.  It’s huge too, just the thing to pack up for a month on the Miramichi.

Lacrosse Albhaburly Boots – I can’t believe no one has started these boots yet!  I bought a pair maybe three years ago, and they are my Maine go-to boots.  They are the only boots I’ve ever worn where my feet don’t freeze standing in an aluminum boat in the Miramchi in April.

We have three top-shelf salmon trips for two to offer:

Sutter Salmon Club – located in Carroll’s Crossing near Pond’s and Wilson’s, this famous club has lots of history and some of the best salmon pools in the mid-Miramichi area.

Sutter’s handsome and traditional main lodge on the SW Miramichi

Country Haven – located in the Blackville Rapids this outfitter has access to many of the best pools on the lower Miramichi and Cains River.

In addition to their commodious main lodge, in recent years Country Haven added this wilderness camp on the Cains River to enhance fall fishing,

You and your friend could spend three glorious days fishing Ted’s private water in the Rapids section of the SW Miramichi.

Ted William’s White Birch Lodge – this lodge was the private fishing camp of baseball great Ted Williams.  It is owned today by a friend of Ted’s family who is a great supporter of the Miramichi River.

Check out the full offerings on the auction site.  Opening bid prices on all three of these trips are substantially below normal rates.  All three have excellent dates available to offer.  Include one or more of these historic Miramichi lodges in your summer plans for 2024. 


MSA US Winter Event 2024 online auction

Don’t forget to check out our four raffles: Reddington zipper waders, choice of any Sage fly rod, any Rio fly line, or a Luther Hall original painting at the same link.



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