Black Brook on FishPal, Ted Williams, MSA Online Auction Begins

This great Cains River fishing scene paintined by Luther Hall will be raffled off during the MSA US online auction which starts tomorrow!

Fishing Friends –

Here are a few developments from the Miramichi that you will be interested in:

  • Last summer I signed up on FishPal Miramichi to receive rod availability alerts on the Miramichi River. I got some alerts last year from Wilson’s, Country Haven and Black Brook Salmon Club.

    The Cains enters the Miramichi at the top of the Black Brook Salmon Pool. Black Brook enters at the left near the bottom.

    Well today I got an e-mail with the first availability for 2023, and it was uplifting to just be reading about salmon fishing.  Black Brook Salmon Club posted a bunch of availability for the months of July and August.  It can be warm then, but Black Brook is the largest cold water holding pool in the lower portion of the river.  I also noted that the club has decided to offer time at their excellent facility at a discounted rate during some of the mid-summer weeks.  If there is a little rain or a couple of cool, cloudy days, the summer fishing can be spectacular in any month.

Want to see the info for yourself?  Click on this link to the FishPal Miramichi website FishPal – Book Salmon Fishing in Miramichi.  When you get there click on Book Fishing in the left side menu.  That will take you to a page where you select a date range from the menu in the top (just put in the months of July and August.)  You should see availability come up for both the Black Brook Salmon Club and Ted Williams White Birch Lodge.   Click on either lodge and you will go to that lodge’s home page with e-mail and phone number contacts to make your reservation.  While you are on the site check out the rest of the information available on the river.  Don’t forget to sign up for e-mail alerts yourself.  The button is at the top of every page.

  • Here’s how the river looked this morning on the MSA webcam at Bullocks in Boiestown. It was frozen, but barely.  I also spoke with Byron Coughlin at Country Haven in Blackville.  Byron said the river was frozen up solid in front of him and had been all week.  Deer are regularly walking back and forth across the river.  It may crack open here or there with this brief bit of mildness, but tomorrow morning we’ll be back to real winter and the coldest of the season is coming for next week.  It’s only right!
  • Tomorrow at noon, Friday 1/27/23 the MSA US Online Auction begins at this link Products | Brad Burns Fishing. Here is a rundown on the items:  We have a number of fly collections by excellent tiers, fishing trips to some of the Miramichi’s finest locations, artwork of various types including maps, photos, prints, original paintings, shadow boxes, etc, casting instruction with experts, private fishing pools for lease, clothing, gift cards to Beans and Orvis, fly fishing equipment from Sci Anglers and Hardy… even an incredible Woodmaster 12.5” planer with free shipping – more than 50 lots in all.   Also, back by popular demand we have 4 raffles that include the Sage rod of your choice, any Rio fly lane made, a pair of Reddington zip front waders and an original Cains River painting by Luther Hall.  Look in the text near the top of the auction page for a blue link to the raffle items.  
  • Last, here is the final call for the MSA US Winter Event. The dinner and auction will be held next Saturday, Feb 4th, at the Portland Country Club in Falmouth, Maine.  It’s going to be a great time.  You can attend in person or virtually via zoom.  Here is a link to buy your ticket

Come on over to the event next Saturday and spend a winter evening immersed in Atlantic salmon fishing.  If you live too far away, or are in the sunny south, you can attend this event via zoom.  See you there!

Thanks for reading.  Brad Burns

This professional grade Woodmaster planer complete with free shipping is in the MSA US online auction.


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