MSA US Salmon Celebration 2021

A FREE livestream evening of Miramichi River Atlantic salmon fishing.
Short films and video clips by more than a dozen special guests including:
Excerpts from a historical film “Memories of the Miramichi” with footage of Lee and Joan Wulff, Ted Williams, and Charles DeFeo will also be shown.

Register here free of charge to watch the Salmon Celebration.  You will be e-mailed a link to view the Salmon Celebration and non-MSA members will receive a complimentary one year membership.


Make a donation of $50 or greater and you will automatically be entered into a drawing for this Luther Hall original painting Goose Island Salmon 10 x 12 inches in size framed.




We’ve made up this short video of snippets from some of the presenters in the Celebration event.   

10 Comments on “MSA US Salmon Celebration 2021

    • Mac, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. One thing that we have even beyond what is listed is a number of photos of 50 Charles DeFeo flies from a private collection that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time, and probably have never been in the water. There is also some artwork from DeFeo too. Brad

  1. Thanks, Brad for sharing this; an impressive lineup of speakers.

    I just signed up.

    Are you running your raffle again this year?

    • Great to hear from you Arthur. Yes, we will have a large auction and some raffles beginning on Feb. 14. We will probably start talking about that next week.

    • Great to hear from you Guido. I saw a couple of photos of you in Pat Boland’s Doctor’s Island Club presentation. You’ll soon be very famous!

  2. Hi Brad, I would be remiss if I didn’t express my Thanks to You, and I’m sure others for last night’s excellent presentation. I found it from beginning to end, Just outstanding. And has more then stirred the Heart, to get back out on the River (s). I do hope that things work out for you as well, that the Virus, will be such that you can once again persue your Passion on the Main SW Miramichi as well as the Cains. Again Thank You so much for last night’s celebration it was outstanding, and at this time just what the doctor ordered.. Take care, Brad,, Bob Wallace

  3. Fantastic two plus hours of my life watching the 2021 MSA (US) Salmon 2021 Celebration!

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