Atlantic Salmon Fishing Scotland March 2016

My friend George Watson and I just returned from our annual trip to the River Naver in the Scottish Highlands.  March is unthinkably early by North American standards, but bright fish then in some parts of the UK are not at all uncommon.  In fact years ago March produced big numbers of fish.  If you look back to last year’s post you will see that we did fairly well on the Naver in 2015.  This year, though, it was tough.  Four of us fishing for two weeks only managed 4 bright fish compared to about 14 for last year.  These are, though, the finest fish of the year, and we also had a decent number of well-mended kelts to put the occasional bend in the rod.

I took the advice of fellow Miramichi Salmon Association board member Gary Tanner, and bought a new Nikon camera with underwater capability. I’m very new to filming and putting together videos of this type, so what I have to show you is not at all professional.  It will, though, give you a good flavor for the fishing and the part of Scotland in which it takes place.

It is only three weeks now until our Miramichi fishing begins.  Here is something to get you thinking about the coming season.  Hope you enjoy!


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