I really envy the Scots their long salmon season.  In a great many of their “springer” rivers fresh salmon arrive during every month of the year.  Sea-liced, chrome salmon slide in during December and are caught in early February with slight tinges of pink on their sides from sitting under the ice in a holding pool for 60 days.  On the Miramichi we can only dream about a bright fish before sometime in late, …Read More →

I specify Main Southwest Miramichi because the Miramichi system is one with lots of branches, and many of them are substantial salmon rivers in their own right.  While you are still in the brackish portion of Miramichi Bay the river splits into two branches, the Northwest Miramichi and Main Southwest Miramichi.  If you look at Percy Nobb’s map of the entire river system –copy included inside Closings – you will see that it is, …Read More →